image of raw burger patties

Dude Ranch Makes a Burger: a study

Dear Beaver, A little about Dude Ranch’s habits every Tuesday and Thursday, and alternate Sundays. He enters, post-workout, through the side door like he’s an electrician. He darts to the fridge and pulls out fresh ground beef. Fresh as in not frozen, and not freshly killed, though now that I think about it, how would […]

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image of a mask on the ground

Ebola Might Not Be a Sneeze in the Park

The recent outbreaks of Ebola in the US brings me back to another contagious time when people were actually doing something about it. Despite massive preparation (mostly just worrying) on my part, I got fucking H1N1 while driving from Montreal to Boston (my then regular weekly commute). I’d heeded the calls.  I’d read the posters.  […]

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image of a yard with fireplace

Franco follies

The Director almost laughed when our visitors announced they were from L’Isle.  It was what I used to call the town where I spent some quality time as a youngster myself… the chicagoland version, that is.  But I was a sad imitation, whereas they?  They were four hearty, healthy, good-looking youth who spoke English better […]

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image of mushroom

Enter Gnome

A gnome visited our house yesterday. Before we met him, we wondered what he did for money, as he was evasive over the phone. “Maybe he’s a dealer,” I said. “Or a criminal,” the Director said. (more…)

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image of a robin at a window

Flipping the Bird

  Ah, I didn’t pay attention to the bird chirping differently when I tossed the ladder under the staircase. Then a series of smaller cries erupted right in the ladder / decrepit fence material area. Shit, I thought. Shit shit, I thought again again. The Robin on the pine branch kept at it.  I tiptoed […]

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angel painting

Roadtrip with an angel

We took the roadtrip slow through the ugly Eastern townships.  A few weeks prior, I’d been busted for scooting along a little fast, 70km rather than 50km, which in dog years is slow. “You’d never know from this stupid road how nice the towns are,” I told rider X, next to me. He smelled like […]

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image of window showing snow outside

New Snow: the maligning of a sacred song

The Director began singing “Dingle Bells” upon seeing new snow this morning. When I corrected her she said, “I know but ‘Ding Ding’ go the bells.” She sometimes veers into dangerous territory with the language. Sometimes it’s best not to respond; other times immediate intervention is called for. Once when I took her with me […]

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Fragments of the world, cowboy edition

“Gonna need to stop for a squirt of gas,” I said, sheepish. Gas was more expensive than in the US and for me, every centime counted.  In my emails to Banjoman, Fritolay and Genome Project, my riders for that Tuesday morning, I harped on like I always did, no matter if someone was a repeat […]

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