Using their words: the Democratic debate

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People used their words at the last Democratic candidates’ debate, umpteen days ago.  And while the way they used them, the words, might have changed, since the last debate (old news), they’re still part of their permanent record.  We might as well see what they look like.

A reminder: I copied and pasted the transcript and pasted each speaker into wordle.

Oh, Malley

In this corner, weighing in at 3 percentage points (maybe that’s accurate?) is our contender Martin O’Malley, whose only claim to fame in my memory is how the Wire, the dire, grim, brilliant tv show, may or may not have based a character off of O’Malley who was mayor of Baltimore.

word cloud of omalley

So basically his tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) at the Democratic debate becomes …

People actually need America: make things together!

Hillz Street Blues

She’s a Democrat, so her team colors are blue. But she doesn’t look as good in blue and brown as she does in other colors.

Maybe I should say something stylish about O’Malley to give equal treatment: OK, his ears make him look startled. Plus, she kind of had good comedic timing.

In this corner, come Hillary Clinton’s words from the Democratic debate.

word cloud of hillary clinton

In sum, tl;dr:

Well, lot people think, know, need, want: one coalition? Go get.

Sanders, Colonel

word cloud of bernie sanders

I imagine that some people might find his Brooklyn accent, the one he uses in public while representing a people who speak more like farmers, to be very interesting. Perhaps there are those who can’t follow closely what he says in the Democratic debate until now.


Clinton need people. One secretary, working American, got going. Think much, country. Believe. Right, go.

What do ya think?

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