My Sister, Her Head in the (Word) Clouds

father carves meat while sister and brother watch

My sister breezed through my pretty word clouds in the last post and didn’t know what to think of them because, in her words,

“What’s the big deal? It’s just a bunch of words in a design.”

So I took dictation of my sister in a given situation.

Let’s call her Schmamy.

I copied the pasted the body of what she said into the magical word-cloud-u-lator and came up with this:

Schmamy is known for using salty language; the story she told proved to be questionable.  The words that appear larger than the others in the cloud – douchietalking, or version are what she used more frequently than something such as army or stinking.

So you know where she stands in any given speech by looking at the word cloud.  And you know it quickly, so if you’ve got a deadline, that helps.  Or you need to run your mouth off, ditto.

If my sister were running for office, or if she were already in office but felt the need to confirm a controversial stance on something, you could look at the word cloud to see what she was really getting at.

Turns out, she stands precipitously askance, arms akimbo to tom-foolery.  She’s an organized and responsible person. But she lies frequently when playing Balderdash. That, and looking at the above-mentioned evidence is enough for me to say that I would not vote for her.

What do ya think?

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