New Snow: the maligning of a sacred song

image of window showing snow outside


The Director began singing “Dingle Bells” upon seeing new snow this morning. When I corrected her she said, “I know but ‘Ding Ding’ go the bells.”

She sometimes veers into dangerous territory with the language. Sometimes it’s best not to respond; other times immediate intervention is called for.

Once when I took her with me to the casino to practice my stealth card counting techniques in Blackjack, she got super excited by the action at the table and yelled out, “It’s ok.  We’re just counting cards.”

Once when we went to dinner with friends we were asked not to mention a certain incident, it was the first thing that she offered by way of greeting to everyone.

I could sense it would take maybe an audience of just one more person, someone very prim, for her to make the connection with the Ding-ing of the bells to the holiday berry pies for her to exclaim that we should all partake of Dingleberry pies.  The moment was so ripe for it.  Alas, I was the only member in audience.  So today, after the song, it’s just bacon and eggs in a pan.

What do ya think?

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