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But Not on My Tongue

These days everyone knows there is a certain trend among some people who experience a disruption in eating. Death is one such disruption. In a court of law, those experiencing the very mild cases of aforementioned trend may or may not find a pulling back on the quiet enjoyment of flavor. Food not tasting good or not tasting like anything at all.

Some people still have not had their ability to discern flavor flavour flaver come back.

This intrepid reporter, however, who received an official decree on paper from the government saying that if she had not died by then, that 15 Janvier 2021 was her you are free to go about your business date. She sweated through each calendar day until then. She experienced a few symptoms, yes, including the eye rolling most obvious one, the inability to taste, mom.

In the time of Covid, the Year of our Isolationist Lord, the phrase “There’s no accounting for taste” hits a little too squarely upon the world’s nose.

The Stages of Eating

  1. What is it?
  2. Will it be bad?
  3. Oh
  4. Really?
  5. This isn’t bad.
    1. WHAT IS THIS?
    2. GET IT OUT.
    3. Needs something.
  6. Needs something (else).
  7. What if I…
  8. Chew it quick quick.
  9. Remember to go slower on the next bite.
  10. Hurry up and swallow.
  11. Not again Idiot (choking).
  12. What to do as the next sp/ork comes in.
  13. Enjoy the perfect process.
  14. Now that I’ve got it down, slow down, end is near.
  15. Wow.
    1. Made it out alive.
    2. I wonder if they’ll forget what I did today.
    3. Don’t even with duck or fois gras.  

The reporter reports that while tasting was among the first sensations to go, it is also slow to return to the stables. The above list of experiences comes from memory.

What do ya think?

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