Thanks, Canadia

image of dog lying in the grass


It’s well past summer.  The leaves blinged red and orange and gold and are now curled up masses the color of paper bags on the ground.  Or so I heard.

I missed the seasons by not having a dog to walk.

Instead I was looking through the window outside whenever I wasn’t staring at another screen.

The sun’s setting earlier now.  The gnarled scrubby pines pretending I don’t see them, as though someone yelled out Freeze in a game of Tag.

In Canadia, I saw things thanks to my dog.  There’s a common saying around here:

entre chien et lou.

For that time between – when the sun is setting and the night is pushing its way through.  It’s half empty and half full, the glass.  Between a dog and wolf.  Thanks Canada.

What do ya think?

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